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So, I am here. Officially moved to New York City. The move was quite the adventure, mostly just traumatizing for Cappy. I wanted to get some Cappy updates here, some apartment photos in another post, and then back to food. I made some sun-dried tomato, ricotta and black pepper ravioli the other night that was to die for, and I need to share that with you all. But for now, neurotic Cappy photos.

My sister built a huge barrier so Cappy couldn’t break into the front seat for the 12 hours we spent in the car driving up:

Cappy in the car 1

She spent most of the time trying to get through this side. I liked it.

Cappy in the car 2

My mother booked a hotel for us claiming Cappy was a service dog. I think they knew it was a hoax solely based on her behavior in the lobby. I had to drag her into the elevator as she dramatically clawed at the closing doors. She was no less neurotic or awkward in the hotel room:Cappy in the hotel

This dog was a ball of nerves when we got to the apartment. Continuing her quest for the Most Awkward Dog in the World title, she crawled inside the car top carrier that was on the floor and just sat there like it was totally normal until I spread out the duvet for her. In true Cappy fashion, once she had the duvet to sleep on the nerves calmed. That’s all an apartment really needs…Cappy in the duvet

And once she got to Central Park it was all good. Tail does not stop wagging once we get through the gates. Just look at that view! This spot is 5 minutes from my apartment.

First Trip Central Park

Once the bed was delivered (we got here Sunday, bed arrived Tuesday), Cappy didn’t leave it for 8 hours. She still spends almost every second in it. No food, limited water, just bed. Girl after my own heart.
Cappy in the new bed

So here we are. The apartment is almost in order, so apartment pictures to come. Just wanted to get the full Cappy update out there to the world. Her fans are having withdrawal! We just got internet, so her personal blog will launch soon. There’s demand for it she just can’t deny.