I did a first draft of this post and quickly realilzed I had a lot to say and it was not so really related. Enter: A list.

1. 30 Days of Cooking Challenge So I’ve been an extreme cooking rut. I basically just go to Trader Joe’s, buy whatever veggies look good, chop + sautee + add protein. One pan meal, set for the week. Also, incredibly boring going on week like 14 of it. Seriously.

Hence, I am doing 30 days of cooking, and posting on my blog to keep myself accountable. Needs to be done.

2. I rearranged my apartment. It now makes sense. I rearranged the studio so I now officially have a kitchen half and a bedroom half. It was a little awkward before, and was done pre-dining room table.

apartment photo of studio kitchenJust so we are all clear on this situation, I live in about 200 square feet. Had to get that collage action on because you literally could not get far enough back to get a picture of the whole half of the apartment with the kitchen action happening.

3. Those empty walls will soon be filled. #Adulthood The glaring lack of artwork will be remedied tomorrow when I go get a large frame at Michael’s. The source of my mother’s panic attack upon entering my apartment will be cured! I will also feel like an adult because my walls will not be (a) empty, (b) covered in frameless posters, or (c) adorned with a tapestry.

4. Day 1 of the challenge was pretty uneventful Back to cooking, I have no exciting pictures because my apartment has been a disaster zone while I rearrange and spring clean. My dinner was totally uninspirational and a total result of needing to clean out the fridge. It was TJ’s broccoli slaw sauteed up with some caramelized onions thrown in a whole wheat wrap quesadilla-style with some chopped white cheddar. It was kind of amazing and I hate that. I did watch the Cooking channel while I ate it, so I pretended like it was a real meal.

5. BFF podcasts are what’s up. My latest obsession: Tripping Out with Alie and Georgia. I got turned onto them via iTunes recommendation because of my love of the Joy the Baker podcast. I hate Apple a little less because I am now BFFs (in my head) with Alie and Georgia via virtual crashing of slumber parties. Then the Cooking channel was like what? you like BFF podcasts and food? And also TV? Here’s an incredibly awesome TV show.

6. Cookies are delicious. Since that dinner was pretty lame, I made cookies. It was therapeutic. I haven’t baked in about 4 months. Possibly 5. Challenge on!

7. My latest fitness obsession. Speaking of cookies…I am obsessed with this workout lately. My back feels like such a champ.